Abbreviation Name & Website Link
Ag Econ Agricultural Economics, UNL
Ag Lead Agricultural Leadership, UNL
Agro/Hort Agronomy/Horticulture, UNL
An Sci Animal Science, UNL
Anthro Anthropology, UNL
Bio Sci School of Biological Sciences, UNL
Biometry Biometry, UNL
BSE Biological Systems Engineering, UNL
CALMIT Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies, UNL
CDRH Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
CEHS College of Education and Human Sciences, UNL
CGPS Center for Great Plains Studies, UNL
Civil Eng Civil Engineering, UNL
CSD Conservation and Survey Division, SNR-UNL
CYFS Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools
EAS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, UNL
Elect Eng Electrical Engineering, UNL
Ent Entomology, UNL
ENVE Environmental Engineering Program
Extension University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
GPCESU Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
HPRCC High Plains Regional Climate Center
MasNat Nebraska Master Naturalist Program
Museum Nebraska State Museum
NCFWRU U.S. Geological Survey, Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
NDMC National Drought Mitigation Center
NebOne Nebraska One Health
Nebraska Maps & More Nebraska Maps and More (SNR Map and Publication Store)
NESEN Nebraska Earth Systems Education Network
NFS Nebraska Forest Service
NGPC Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
NRBC Natural Resources Business Center
NSCO Nebraska State Climate Office
NU-AIRE NU-AIRE Laboratory
OutdoorU Nebraska Outdoor U!
Plant Path Plant Pathology, UNL
PPC Public Policy Center, UNL
Sci Lit Science Literacy, UNL
TPCP Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership
USDA-FS USDA - Forest Service
Water for Food Water For Food Global Institute
WC Nebraska Water Center, Water for Food Daughtry Global Institute
WL Water Sciences Laboratory
Zoology Zoology, UNL

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students have affiliations with many groups within the University of Nebraska and other groups located throughout Nebraska. If you think a group should be added to our list of Affiliations please contact the SNR Webmaster at Please include the Affiliation Name and the website address, if available.