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SNR Meritorious Graduate Student Award

Posted: 02/25/2021

Description: The awards honor the best SNR students and recognize their academic achievements, research, teaching contributions, leadership accomplishments, service and personal qualifications.

Contact: Daniel Snow

Contact Information: dsnow1@unl.edu, 202 WL EC 0844, Phone: 402-472-7539

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The Award: Recipients will receive $500 each (one MS and one PhD) and a certificate.

Eligibility:Candidates must have completed at least one academic year of graduate work (two semesters) leading to an MS or PhD degree in Natural Resource Sciences and must be current student at the time of the award.  Graduate students can receive this award only once for each degree. Students cannot self-nominate themselves.

Selection Process and Criteria: The Graduate Committee will select the recipients based on:

  • Academic achievements, honors, and awards, GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Research/teaching contributions.
  • Leadership accomplishments (academic and professional).
  • Service activities (community and professional organizations).
  • Personal qualities (leadership, commitment to excellence, and communication skills).

Deadline: Nominations should be submitted by the student's advisor to Patty Swanson by 5pm March 15, 2021.

Awards will be announced April 16, 2021.

Requirements to be submitted electronically to Patty Swanson

  • One nomination letter from advisor (advisor is encouraged to: identify expectations of assistantships [percent research, teaching and extension] or graduate position (for unfunded students), limit nominations to a single student, and highlight student's productivity in each area of selection criteria),
  • One nomination letter from a fellow graduate student in the School of Natural Resources (no self-nominations) (fellow graduate students are encouraged to provide specific examples related to each of the selection criteria, and should work with an advisor to improve their letter),
  • Student's unofficial transcript showing current GPA (advisor* or student can download this from MyRed; Note: Patty Swanson does not have access to the transcripts), and
  • Student's Curriculum Vitae.

*if faculty do not have access to unofficial transcripts, please complete a request form and submit the completed form to Patty Swanson. The form is at this link: https://www.unl.edu/about_myred/resources/forms/SISrequest2018.pdf