striped maple, moosewood, snake bark maple - Sapindaceae Acer pensylvanicum


Common Namestriped maple, moosewood, snake bark maple
iTree CodeACPE

Plant Form

FormSmall tree or large shrub: rounded or flat-topped crown
Height30 feet
Spread15 feet

Identification Description

Foliagestarts pinkish, then bright green Leaf Type  Information Icon Simple
Barksmooth, green with white stripes (reds or browns), looses white stripes with age
Budterminal bud longer than laterals; green with 2 non-overlapping scales (valvate) Bud Arrangement Information Icon Opposite
Twigsmooth, green or red (depending on light exposure); then brown with age; U-shaped leaf scar
Floweryellow/green, male and female flowers typically on separate trees (dioecious)
Fruitpaired "helicopters" (samaras), wide spread ~1" long
Fall Coloryellow

Site Characteristics

USDA Zones   info for zones pH LevelsSalt Tolerance
Min1a Min4.4 SoilIntolerant
Max7b Max6.5 SprayIntolerant

Shade ToleranceDrought ToleranceAllelopathy
Tolerant Low Yes

Species Status

Nebraska Native
U.S. Native Yes Check
Region of OriginCanada, United States
Previous FamilyAceraceae
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