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    NU researchers, alumni contribute to national climate assessment

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    Bridge crossing Platte River
  • People of SNR

    For Connelly, cancer treatment was springboard to help Nebraska families

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    Caden Connelly in South Africa
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    Nebraska students win 2023 Regional Collegiate Soil Judging Contest

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    Soil JUdging Team 2023
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    Graduate Student Spotlight: Yvon Ukwishaka

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    Yvon Ukwishaka
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    Study Aboard: My Time in Makuleke

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    Lone Bull Elephant
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    Cabela's Apprenticeship Experience

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    Ivey teaching
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    Balunek wins Kaufman Research Award from the American Society of Mammalogists

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    Emma Balunek and her dog
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    Alumni Spotlight: Jack Hilgert

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    Jack Hilgert
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    Mother-daughter pair pursues conservation of Nebraska’s terns, plovers

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    Halpin and Larkihn
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    Nebraska Water Center Project to Characterize Nitrogen Transformation Beneath the Ground Surface

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    Vadose Zone Research

We are the School of Natural Resources, where we do science and explore everything. And you will, too, from the moment you arrive on campus.

Here you’ll get plenty of relevant, exciting experiences to help you land a job you’ll love making a difference. You’ll collaborate with fellow students and expert faculty in the classroom and the field, building a network of connections to use throughout your career. You’ll make scientific discoveries both big and small, seek opportunities you didn’t even know existed, and graduate knowing you forged a path at this Big Ten school that sets you apart from the pack.

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We have a 1:4 faculty-to-student ratio so your professor actually knows your name and cares about your academic success.

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We emphasize the importance of undergraduate research and fund projects through our Cabela’s program.

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We know internships make a difference when applying for jobs, so we offer our own to undergraduate students each year.

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We offer nine student clubs , six study abroads and nearly 20 field research sites for plenty of resume-building opportunities.

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We’re known for our research, too

Our 80+faculty and eight research centers answer current questions about climate, plants, animals, water and soil around the state, nation and world with a focus on how what they discovered can be used — because if the science isn’t usable, what’s the point? Dive into our research emphasis areas:

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SNR Alumni, Cristiano and Morales, give tips on government jobs to NRT
SNR Alumni, Cristiano and Morales, give tips on government jobs to NRT  –   11/15/2023
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UNL to collaborate with tribes, women farmland owners to promote climate resilience
UNL to collaborate with tribes, women farmland owners to promote climate resilience  –   11/15/2023
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SNR Alumni: Sydney Brewer - Mentorship: My Catchphrase for SNR
SNR Alumni: Sydney Brewer - Mentorship: My Catchphrase for SNR  –   11/14/2023

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