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Environmental Science

The problem: Restoring our environment

Your major in environmental science will allow you to recover ecosystems and solve complex environmental problems. This major is perfect for students passionate about the environment, natural resource management, or the outdoors.

In this program you will learn about soil, water, regulations, toxicology, environmental sampling, and restoration techniques. Students work on interdisciplinary teams involving scientists and engineers to find solutions for restoration projects.

The Environmental Science program was recently recognized by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources as one of the top five degree programs with the largest percentage of growth.

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Environmental Science Emphasis Areas

Each environmental science student will choose at least one emphasis area to focus in. These emphasis areas help students specialize their course work based on individual career goals.

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Soil Science

This option provides students an understanding of soil as a natural resource and as a component of all terrestrial ecosystems. Students will learn how soils influence ecological processes which take place above and below ground.

Course Examples: Soil Microbiology, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Urban Soil Properties and Management

Lake & Stream Restoration

This option is designed for students considering careers in water quality, aquatic ecology, or limnology. Students will also be prepared to implement pollution abatement procedures or management practices associated with lake and stream restoration.

Course Examples: Stream and River Ecology, Chemistry of Natural Waters, Wetlands, Biological Invaders

The future awaits

Our graduates go on to become leaders in their field. With a degree in environmental science, your job title could be:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Geologist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Private Industry Consultant

We want to help you find your dream career. That’s why we utilize our job board, Handshake and send out weekly job update emails.

  • Lab Class
  • Lake Stream
  • Soil Coring
  • Lab Class
  • Soil Sampling
  • Soil Judging

Go beyond the classroom with these opportunities

Aldi Airori

Meet Aldi

"Soil 279 (Soil Evaluation) is one of my favorite classes that I have taken so far. We would go out in the field every week to evaluate and describe different soil properties. It is basically a hands-on learning experience to prepare you for the Soil Judging Competitions. I learned so much and I got opportunities to travel with my team to Kansas and California, as well as for the competitions last year! "

Student Stories

Nick Saunders

Meet Nick

"After I graduate, I hope to be working in an environment or position where I can help to improve the environments and ecosystems that wildlife lives in after (the land) has been altered or changed by human activities to help restore it to its natural setting."

Student Stories

Isabella Villanueva

Meet Isabella

"I want to just be out in nature getting my hands dirty and helping out as much as I can! In addition, my hope is to get more involved and passionate about nature."

Student Stories

Callie McCright

Meet Callie

"I think diversity and inclusion are some of the most significant strengths that CASNR brings to the table. During my four years at UNL, I have always felt welcome and a part of the community. Creating an environment that is so inviting to individuals from various backgrounds leads to our success. Exposure to cultural differences is a huge part of college. "

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