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Graduate students in the School of Natural Resources work on unique research projects that get them a hands-on and in-depth education in their field. We work alongside our students and watch as they make a difference in the world. Our program attracts talented students from around the country and the globe. Check out our research opportunities, faculty, and degrees to learn more about being a graduate student at SNR.

Go ahead and escape the ordinary. Seek your adventure with us.

Graduate Programs

The Natural Resource Sciences progam has both Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees. Both degrees require a thesis. A minor is also available.

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The Master of Applied Science program degree does not require a thesis and is to provide coordinated professional training for students who need post-baccalaureate work in natural resources for their career.

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We have excellent laboratory, computer and field facilities available for performing up-to-date analyses. State, federal and private natural resource organizations provide unique opportunities for learning and gaining experiences through cooperative research. Plus, we have world-class faculty with diverse expertise and experiences.

Steps to Joining our Graduate Program

The first step to joining our graduate program is making a connection with one of our graduate faculty.

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Fund Your Program

We understand that considering the demands of a graduate degree often includes considering the demands of financing a graduate degree. The School of Natural Resources offers various types of assistantships to qualified students.

There are currently no assistantships to be listed on our site. Please check back later.

Additional Funding Sources

Noah Berkowitz

Meet Noah

"I’m researching the best approaches to ensuring an efficient use of land resources. The end is to see satellite imaging deployed in analyzing land productivity for crops and to decide early on the reallocation of the same piece of land to more productive use, like preservation/conservation. "

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Tanessa Morris

Meet Tanessa

"A large factor in my decision to complete my master’s degree at Nebraska was that I really wanted to be able to train with head coach Justin St. Clair. Coach St. Clair is a very reputable throws coach and I felt he would be able to help me progress in my throwing. I also researched the School of Natural Resources and discovered Dr. Trenton Franz on the faculty list. Dr. Franz was a Division 1 athlete while at the University of Wyoming and I was very excited to find someone that would be able to understand the training and competition time commitments of a NCAA athlete. Secondly, I discovered that Dr. Franz’ research aligned with exactly what I wanted to study."

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Grace Schuster

Meet Grace

"While completing my research at the West Central Research Station in North Platte, I lived with a few women from Rwanda. After sharing a few dinners together, I learned about their lives growing up and how they came to UNL. They taught me so much about their culture and even made me a few traditional dishes from their country. This was an experience that I will always cherish."

Student Stories

Jake Harvey

Meet Jake

"Using this location data, I can track individual mountain lion movements across the landscape and when GPS fixes begin to cluster in a small area, it is likely that the mountain lion is feeding in that location. Most of my days are spent contacting private landowners and hiking into these potential feeding locations to collect data on prey selection, consumption status, and various habitat metrics. "

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