River Plaiin

Our mission

At the School of Natural Resources, our mission is to champion the natural world.

We address complex environmental issues through scientific discovery, creativity, and perseverance; and teach future leaders to manage the delicate balance between people and the environment on which we depend.

Our vision

We are committed to training current and future natural resource and environmental professionals to be critical thinkers prepared to manage, sustain, and renew our natural resources.

Through our teaching, outreach, and research scholarship, we will:

  • Prepare students for careers in natural resources and the environment.
  • Collaborate with others to conduct innovative scientific research that informs policy and management decisions.
  • Provide accessible, objective, science-based information to our stakeholders.
  • Promote a holistic conservation ethic for the betterment of Nebraska, the nation and the world.

Our values

These core beliefs guide our mission and vision:


Our science is useful beyond academia.


We operate with the highest of ethics and integrity.


Our workplace is inclusive and respectful.


We represent the diversity of our community, country, and world.

Freedom of thought

Our culture fosters freedom of thought and expression.


We give of our time and talent to our community.

Academic Program Review

About every five to seven years, we conduct a program review. This review helps us improve our program and the efforts of our faculty and staff, and allows us to examine our plans to determine if they will accomplish our mission and meet the needs of our diverse clientele: Nebraskans.