Water Related Data

Water researchers work across the entire water cycle and include studies on precipitation, run-off, groundwater, lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams. They examine how environmental changes affect water quality and supplies, model water movement to predict water availability, and learn more about water's connections to climate, ecosystems and human communities.

Groundwater Levels

  • Real-time Groundwater Levels
  • Historic Groundwater Levels
  • Groundwater Level Change Maps
  • Registered Groundwater Wells

Groundwater Quality

This database contains ground-water nitrate and pesticide data that have been compiled from federal, state and local agencies and the University of Nebraska; screened for essential data elements; evaluated using established criteria; and assigned a quality flag that corresponds to one of five quality assessment levels.

Vadose Zone

An interactive map depicts the locations where historical measurements of nitrate and other agrichemicals core samples were collected from the vadose zone in Nebraska. The vadose zone is the interval between the crop rooting zone and the water table and is critically important region for storage, transport and transformation of chemicals that can impact groundwater quality.


  • Regional Evapotranspiration Estimation
  • Nebraska Evapotranspiration Estimation

Groundwater Age

  • Groundwater Age and Transit Time
  • Interactive Groundwater Age Map

Soil Moisture

  • Using low-energy neutrons in the air to monitor near surface soil moisture

Aquifer Properties

Specific Yield and Transmissivity of the Principal Aquifer in 2005