CSD Test Hole Database

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Test holes are drilled to obtain geoscientific data of the substrata, groundwater, and natural resources underlying Nebraska. The CSD Drilling Program drills an average of over 10,000 feet annually and has drilled nearly 6,000 test holes throughout the state since 1930. Geological material from these test holes is preserved at the CSD Geological Sample Repository .

The CSD Test Hole Database is maintained by the Conservation and Survey Division and contains descriptive geological information from CSD test holes and corresponding samples. The database includes (if available):

  • Unique borehole identifier
  • Year drilled
  • Location
  • Elevation
  • Lithology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Field descriptions by footage
  • Total depth
  • Depth to water
  • Geophysical Log

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Michele Waszgis

Michele Waszgis

CSD Geological Sample Repository Curator

Aaron Young