Nebraska Soils

Soil Coring

Soil is essential to everyday life and is one of the most abundant natural resources. As a reusable resource, soil requires care to ensure sustainable fertility. Nebraskans depend on soil for food, livestock, fuel, water supply and purification, building materials, waste management, construction engineering, infrastructure, and habitat. Soil processes affect our lives by recycling organic material; providing nutrients and minerals for healthy plants, animals, and humans; and impacting the air quality, atmospheric moisture, and temperature.

The Conservation and Survey Division researches, evaluates, and interprets soil texture, classification, formation, structure, and properties. CSD maps and reports are valuable resources for farmers and ranchers; architects and engineers; appraisers; hydrologists; land, water and community planners and managers; and ecologists, educators, scientists and researchers. CSD continues an over 100 year partnership with the USDA National Cooperative Soil Survey Program, administered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, to provide current soil surveys to the public.

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