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Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Report 2022

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Joeckel, R. M., Suarez, C. A., McLean, N. M., Möller, A., Ludvigson, G. A., Suarez, M. B., Kirkland, J. I., Andrew, J., Kiessling, S., Hatzell, G. (2023). Berriasian–Valanginian geochronology and carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the Yellow Cat Member, Cedar Mountain Formation, eastern Utah, USA. Geosciences, 13(2), 18. Online
Report 2022 (WSP-91). University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Conservation and Survey Division, Nebraska Water Survey Paper 91, 18 pp. Online
Andrzejewski, K. A., Layzell, A. L., Ludvigson, G. A., Joeckel, R. M., Möller, A., Mandel, R. D. (2022). Unique insights to the Cretaceous OAE1d, Mid-Cenomanian Event, and OAE2 from long-line drillcores along the eastern cratonic margin of the Western Interior Basin. Proceedings of 38th Annual Gulf Coast Section SEPM Foundation, Perkins-Rosen Conference and Core Workshop. (pp. 14). Houston, TX: Gulf Coast Section SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology). Online
Birgand, Francois, Chapman, K., Hazra, A., Gilmore, T., Etheridge, R., Staicu, A.-M. (2022). Field performance of the GaugeCam image-based water level measurement system. PLoS Water, 1(7), e0000032. Online
Burbach, M. E., Joeckel, R. M., Matkin, G. S. (2022). 2022 Nebraska Water Leaders Academy Final Report. Conservation and Survey Division Open-File Report 230 (pp. 55 p.). Lincoln, NE: Conservation and Survey Division, SNR, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Online
Burbach, M., Eaton, W. M., Quimby, B., Babbitt, C., Delozier, J. L. (2022). Longitudinal assessment of an integrated approach to large-scale common-pool water resource management: A case study of Nebraska’s Platte River basin. Ecology & Society, 27(4), 30. Online
Chapman, K. W., Gilmore, T., Chapman, C. D., Birgand, Francois, Mittelstet, A., Harner, M., Mehrubeoglu, M., Stranzl, Jr, J. E. (2022). Open-Source Software for Water-Level Measurement in Images With a Calibration Target. Water Resources Research, 58(8), e2022WR033203. Online
Cherry, M. L., Gilmore, T., Messer, T., Li, Y., Westrop, J. (2022). A Pivotal New Approach to Groundwater Quality Assessment. ACS ES\&T Water. Online
Crago, R., Qualls, R., Szilagyi, J. (2022). Complementary Relationship for evaporation performance at different spatial and temporal scales. Journal of Hydrology, 608, 127575.
CUAHSI Board of Directors \& Officers (2022). COVID-19 Impacts Highlight the Need for Holistic Evaluation of Research in the Hydrologic Sciences. Water Resources Research, 58(2), e2021WR030930 Online

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