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CSD geologists conduct field surveys and employ test-hole drilling to construct surficial geologic maps of the exposed land surface throughout Nebraska. Data is collected and interpreted to provide quadrangle (quad) maps that identify geologic units and physical characteristics of subsurface material through test-hole drilling while also illustrating natural topographical features. Surficial geologic maps are a preliminary tool in site evaluation and are used to assess land use; water, mineral and construction material resources; geomorphological changes; and geohazards.

The Conservation and Survey Division, through a cooperative agreement with the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP), produces surficial geologic maps of Nebraska for the STATEMAP Program. CSD has been awarded matching grants through the program since 1994.

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Mapping Goals for 2023-2032

The Conservation and Survey Division, in conjunction with the Nebraska Statemap Advisory Committee, has formulated the following mapping goals for 2023-2032:

  1. Generate maps that better constrain the usable extents of both paleovalley aquifers and the Dakota aquifer in southeastern Nebraska. These maps will improve our understanding of water resources in these geologically complex but ground water sparse landscapes that are experiencing increasing demand on groundwater resources. Specific quadrangles to be mapped will be selected with input from those managing and/or regulating groundwater resources in the region, including but not limited to personnel of Nebraska’s Natural Resource Districts and the USGS.
  2. Generate maps for the rapidly developing greater Lincoln metropolitan area, particularly those to the east including the Greenwood, Eagle, Palmyra 1:24,000 quadrangles.
  3. Continue mapping efforts in the Platte River valley and other critical areas that lead to improved understanding of both groundwater resources in the High Plains Aquifer and construction aggregate resources in the state.


Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson

Quaternary Geologist