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Our research inquiry is dedicated to scientific discovery, creativity and perseverance so we can help address major environmental issues facing our planet. Our research leads to knowledge about our earth and its resources; to natural disaster risk reduction; to the prevention of endangered species extinction; to climate solutions.

We turn our research into innovative, accessible and science-based information people can use — conservation reports; web-based tools; interactive maps; inventions; and more — because if our science isn’t useable, what’s the point? It’s science that informs policy and helps shape our world.

Areas of Research

Rezual Mahmood examining data

From groundwater to climate, from fisheries to forests, our faculty are building a scientific understanding of our natural world. Their discoveries affect practitioners, influencers and policy decisions.

Our Research Areas

Research Centers

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Our faculty and staff work with an extensive list of partners from outside of the university, including state and federal agencies, public groups and nonprofit organizations, to identify, inform and solve real-world problems.

Our Research Centers

Research Teams

Carbon Science and Modeling Program

Our faculty and staff know two heads are better than one. It’s why they build teams dedicated to tackling specific, scientific questions related to the natural resources in Nebraska, North American and beyond.

Our Research Teams

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Research News

Southeast Kansas Mallard Duck Project
Southeast Kansas Mallard Duck Project  –   3/25/2024
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CSD scientists deepen understanding of ancient rivers
CSD scientists deepen understanding of ancient rivers  –   2/12/2024
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Sundstrom and scientist network tackling collapse in ag
Sundstrom and scientist network tackling collapse in ag  –   1/22/2024
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