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At the School of Natural Resources, we share our passion for the outdoors, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things and the world around them. We help you develop the skills needed to manage, sustain and renew our Earth’s natural resources for the common good because our world depends upon your success. Here, you can study everything from groundwater quality to weather patterns at a place where no animal is too small or too scaly to ignore.

Go ahead and escape the ordinary. Seek your adventure with us.


Explores the impacts of weather and climate by collecting and interpreting climate data to determine the role of climate in agriculture, natural systems, and climate policy management.

Initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or contaminated from human activity or natural agents.

Sustains high-quality water supplies in nature for use by plants, animals, people communities, and industries, and resolves conflicts among users.

Conserves and manages wild and captive populations of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as their habitats in a variety of settings.

Strategizes tree management in urban and rural environments while addressing natural resource challenges, such as invasive pests and climate change. – Expected Fall 2020

Go beyond the classroom with these opportunities

Join a club at SNR and meet other students just like you while learning from professionals, volunteering around the community, and having fun. There are eight clubs to choose from.

UNL and SNR offers many opportunities for students to conduct their own research. Apply for an UCARE, Cabela's Apprenticeship, or other grant and find an advisor to start getting hands-on experience.

We love to learn about natural resources in Nebraska, but we also believe it’s important to learn globally, WE are proud to offer study and research experiences in Namibia, Australia, Greece, Puerto Rico, and South Africa.

Natural Resources & Life Sciences Career Information Day 2020

Join us on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm in Hardin Hall for the Natural Resources & Life Sciences Career Information Day. Students will have the opportunity to network with employers and learn about volunteer opportunities, internships and fulltime career possibilities in life sciences fields.

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Husker Weekday Visit

Experience for yourself what life is like as a student at Nebraska. Husker Weekdays are free campus visit opportunities held daily. During your visit, you’ll explore campus with a current Nebraska student as your guide, tour a residence hall, and learn more about student involvement opportunities. You’ll also get the chance to discuss important admission, scholarship and financial aid information with Nebraska Office of Admissions staff.

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East Campus Visit

The best way to learn more about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) is to visit campus. East Campus visits include a tour of east campus, information about CASNR, a one-on-one visit with the recreuitment coordinator of your desired program area, and, best of all, Dairy Store ice cream!

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Program Visit

Want more information about a School of Natural Resources’ undergraduate program, but not ready for a full campus visit? Schedule a one-on-one appointment with our recruiter to go over the in’s and out’s of the each program. You’ll learn about curriculum, on and off campus research opportunities, and how you can study abroad during your time at Nebraska.

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Bryan Peterson

Meet Bryan

"I decided to enroll at UNL, because it was one of the only universities with this major. Since I grew up on a family farm in Nebraska, I wanted a major that integrated some agriculture classes into the degree, and I always have been interested in meteorology and climatology. So, applied climate science was the perfect fit, since the major description is how the climate impacts society as well as agricultural and natural resource systems."

Student Stories

Emma Muslic

Meet Emma

"I believe immersing yourself in a wide range of fields like hydrology, soil science, ecology, gives you so many more learning/career opportunities. When I saw all of the awesome hands-on experiences my SNR friends were participating in, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I like that I can find a new interest within natural resources and talk to peers and faculty who are also passionate about those subjects."

Student Stories

Ali Carothers

Meet Ali

"I realized I was understanding what the scientists were saying, and I could ask intelligent questions about it."

Student Stories

Celeste Kenworthy

Meet Celeste

"I decided on my major before I decided which university I wanted to attend. I knew I wanted to study water science. I researched and toured several universities, but UNL was the only one that had a major in water science. I competed at State for Science Olympiad for 6 years, which is hosted on UNL’s east campus. Being able to come to a place that was familiar to me made my transition experience all the better."

Student Stories

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