Clubs & Organizations

Volunteering in student organizations and resource centers can be a formative and rewarding part of a student's experience. Professors often report that participation in them helps students develop and hone leadership skills. Employers often like to see that a student has been involved in his or her field outside the requirements of course work.

The student organizations and resource centers listed at right are affiliated with the School of Natural Resources. The faculty contact person is listed under the name of the group. A complete listing of all UNL student organizations can be found on the UNL Student Involvement Web Site or the NvolveU 2.0 website .

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has a list of clubs it recognizes.

Council for Resilience Education

Playing Jenga

The CRE is a undergraduate/graduate student organization at UNL focused on scientific communication and education. We are working to increase understanding and conceptualization of socioecological resilience and its application. Socioecological resilience is a framework for understanding change in ecosystems, social systems, and more. This concept transcends individual disciplines and seeks to provide ways to understand and strategize responses to change in both natural and human systems.

Katia Carranza (
Cathrine Chan (

UNL Forestry Club

Tree Climbing

The UNL Forestry Club promotes a better understanding and appreciation of trees and their purpose to the world through the fields of dendrology and arboriculture. The club, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students, meets monthly to provide opportunities for students to learn about trees and forestry careers through hands-on activities, such as tree climbing, ax throwing and tree pruning. They hope to one day compete in the Midwestern Foresters Conclave. Be a Tree Husker.

Lord Ameyaw (, 402-472-2944)
Steven Jara ( or 402-472-6692)

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UNL Fly Fishing Club

Student with Fish
Student with Fish
Group in Snow

A group of UNL students, staff, and alumni passionate about the outdoors and the art of fly fishing! UNL Fly Fishing Club aims to connect others through fly fishing outings as much as possible throughout the year. In addition, we try to engage members in events through Cornhusker Fly Fishing (UNLFF members have honorary membership in CFF) such as speakers, competitions, and fly tying events. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Advisor: Eric Einspahr (, 402-472-8573)

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Herpetology Club

Hiding Turtle

Our organization is dedicated to promoting student herpetology education & conservation in the state of Nebraska and across the world. The vision of the UNL Herpetology Club is to establish a collegiate networking system of students, faculty, & professionals that enhances student career opportunities in the field of herpetology.

Advisor: Dennis Ferraro (, 402-490-2155)

President: Nick Kowal (

Vice President: Jade Wawers (

Soil Judging Team

  • Two Students
  • 3rd Place Team at 2019 Nationals
  • Team in Soil Pit
  • Perparing before competition
  • Taking Notes
  • In the moment of competition

Students on the Soil Judging Team tie together theory taught in the classroom with the reality in the field through competition. Students work individually and collaboratively in soil pits and exposures to closely examine the soil profile by determining the soil texture, structure, and color of the profile horizons. They also look for signs indicating the soil's origin and site hydrology, describe the landscape setting, and interpret the site's suitability for various land uses. Teams whose evaluations come closest to those of the contest officials score the highest. Regional competition in fall semesters precedes the national contest in spring semesters, to which the top three teams from each region are invited.

Judith Turk (402-472-8024 or
Becky Young (402-472-1583 or

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UNL Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society

At Information Booth
In River
Making Measurements
On sandbar making measurement
with Sturgeon

This UNL Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the fisheries profession. The purpose of the AFS Subunit is to promote professional development in the field of fishery and aquatic resource science, encourage exchange of regional fisheries and other technical information, and address issues that affect Nebraska's aquatic resources.  Annual activities include hosting a fishing tournament for members of the subunit and Nebraska Chapter AFS, and assisting the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission fishery biologists with management activities at Bowling Lake in Lincoln.

Wildlife Club

at play with alligators
Group Picture
Hands on demo

This Wildlife Club provides guidance and further knowledge about specific wildlife; promotes and stimulates interest in wildlife; provides for the cultural and social development of members; provides opportunities to develop leadership; furthers cooperation with organizations concerned with wildlife; and acquaints interested students and faculty members with the wildlife field.

Andy Little (402-219-1913)
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Sustain UNL

Group Picture
Planting garden
Sustain Logo

Sustain UNL focuses on providing opportunities for students to promote awareness and action around issues of sustainability. Working in and around the UNL campus, the club encourages adoption of sustainable practices through activism, education, and service engagement. With the motto of Reduce Reuse Rethink Recycle, Sustain UNL works closely with other organizations on campus and within the community to promote environmental sustainability and hosts many events throughout the school year. For information about upcoming events and how to get more involved, please visit our Facebook page:

Soil and Water Resources Club

Marking Storm Drains
Soil Field Trip
Conducting Stream Inventory

Are you interested in: Stream, lake, or prairie restoration? Wetlands? Soil health? Wise use of water resources? Engineering ecosystems for the benefits of people and the environment? Our club is for students who want hands-on activity with environmental projects and demonstrations, who want to learn about career opportunities in environmental sciences and ecological engineering, and who want to gain social and leadership skills. You can help the SWRC build a sustainable future. To join go to:

Tom Franti (402-472-9872 or )
Jeff Westrop (402-472-9422 or

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Range Management Club

Field Trip

The Range Management Club exists to:

  • foster advancement in the science and art of range ecosystem management.
  • to stimulate discussion and understanding of scientific and practical range and pasture problems.
  • to provide a medium for exchange of ideas and facts among club members and range scientists.
  • to attend annual meetings of the Nebraska and International Society for Range Management where students participate in student activities, including the Undergraduate Range Management Exam, Range Plant Identification Contest, Undergraduate Public Speaking Contest, and the Undergraduate Student Paper Session.

Walter Schacht (402-472-0205)
John Guretzky (402-472-1516)