Academic Review

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About every five to seven years, we conduct a program review. This review helps us improve our program and the efforts of our faculty and staff, and allows us to examine our plans to determine if they will accomplish our mission and meet the needs of our diverse clientele: Nebraskans.

Visioning and program planning are essential elements for the continued success of our program, and the review adds credibility and validity to our “blueprint” for the future. This verification also provides valuable input for making programmatic decisions within IANR, UNL, the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Higher Education, accreditation boards and state government.

Our 2015 Review

Based on our 2015 review, we will re-focus the teaching across the School of Natural Resources with a significant effort by our leadership to engage and communicate with stakeholders. In addition to increasing both numbers of students and research dollars, this will improve the quality of our undergraduate programs and the relevance of our research and extension activities.

SNR administration-level decisions will be combined with decisions from each of the program areas, centers and affiliated educational programs to form a portfolio of actions we will pursue over the next five years.

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