Agricultural Meteorology Specialization in
Graduate Programs of Agronomy & Horticulture

Available to both MS and PhD candidates.

Agricultural Meteorology is a specialization within the M.S. and PhD. cooperative program with the School of Natural Resources and the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture. The specialization was designed to provide students a unique learning environment to promote understanding of the interactions between the atmosphere and the biosphere in an agricultural setting and to encourage cooperation among the community of scientists and students within the agricultural meteorology research area.

Faculty Point-of-Contact

If you are interested in the Agricultural Meteorology graduate specialization, please feel free to contact the following SNR faculty member:

Dr. Francisco Muñoz-Arriola

Example Courses

  • Microclimate: The Biological Environment 
  • Climate and Society 
  • Bio-Atmospheric Instrumentation
  • Crop Growth and Yield Modeling
  • Solar Radiation Interactions at the Earth's Surface
  • Global Climate Change
  • Turbulent Transfer in the Atmospheric Surface Layer 
  • Agricultural Climatology

Admission Requirements

Please see our entrance requirements and application procedure pages for more information about our admission and application expectations for graduate degree candidates.

Students with this specialization may find employment in teaching, research or applied fields. Possible job titles for students completing the program include: teacher at the secondary level, research project assistant, and atmospheric specialist.

Images courtesy of Andy Suyker and Todd Schimelfenig