Application Process Steps

1. Contact and secure an advisor

Choosing an advisor whose interests match your research goals is critical for the success of your work. SNR emphasizes the cooperative exchange between students and advisors in research programs while still giving advisors the overall responsibility for the direction and course of the student's research. Contact an SNR faculty member regarding your interest in our graduate program. Before you apply, you must receive the advising support of a faculty member who is a member of the Graduate Faculty (as recognized by the Office of Graduate Studies).

Locate faculty who can advise through the SNR Directory

2. Submit an application for graduate admission to the Office of Graduate Studies

Apply Online Now

The appropriate application materials can be found through the Office of Graduate Studies. Please note: you will be required to pay a nonrefundable application processing fee. Be sure to have a confirmed advisor before you submit your application to graduate studies to ensure your application's review.

3. Receive your university ID

After you have completed your application with the Office of Graduate Studies, you will receive an e-mail with your university ID (NU ID). Once you receive your NU ID, establish your password through TrueYou. This step is necessary to complete the application for the Natural Resource Sciences major. Please note: you should allow seven business days to establish your NU ID.

4. School of Natural Resources Review

The SNR Graduate Committee will review your application and will notify Graduate Studies of its admission recommendation. Graduate Studies will conduct a final review of your file.

5. Response from the School of Natural Resources

You will receive a notification of your application status from SNR. If accepted, Graduate Studies will also notify you and mail your Certificate of Admission This is a work in progress. They are updating their notification process — and other important information for incoming students. You will be eligible to enroll for the entry term indicated on your Certificate of Admission.

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