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Ran Wang

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Contact Information

TitleEnvironmental Spatial Scientist
Faculty RankAssistant Professor
Address403 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-8131
  • fax: 402-472-4915


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My Story

Ran Wang in field

Selected Publications

Quiros, J., Siegmann, B., Damm, A., Wang, R., Gamon, J., Krieger, V., Sagar, D., Muller, O., Rascher, U. (2022). Fractal geometry and the downscale of Sun-induced Chlorophyll (SIF) imagery. Encyclopedia of Mathematical Geosciences, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series. Springer.
Wang, R., Gamon, J., Cavender-Bares, J. (2022). Seasonal patterns of prairie spectral diversity at leaf and canopy scales. Remote Sensing of Environment, 280, 113169.
Schweiger, A., Cavender-Bares, J., Townsend, P., Madritch, M., Grossman, J., Gholizadeh, H., Wang, R., Gamon, J. (2021). Coupling spectral and resource-use complementarity in experimental grassland and forest communites. Proc. R. Soc(288). Online
Wang, R., Gamon, J., Moore, R., Zygielbaum, A., Arkebauer, T., Perk, R., Leavitt, B., Cogliati, S., Wardlow, B., Qi, Y. (2021). Errors associated with atmospheric correction methods for airborne imaging spectroscopy: Implications for vegetation indices and plant traits. Remote Sensing of Environment, 265.
Yu, R., Hmimina, G., Billesbach, D. P., Lyapustin, A., Wang, Y., Jingchao, Z., Wang, R., Gamon, J. A. (2021). ABoVE: Angular-corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance across Alaska and Canada, 2000-2017. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DAAC. https://doi.org/10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1858Online
Wang, R., Gamon, J. 2020. Detecting intra- and inter-annual variability in gross primary productivity of a North American grassland using MODIS MAIAC data. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 281 (2020) 107859.Online
Wang, R., Gamon, J. 2019. Remote sensing of terrestrial plant biodiversity. Remote Sensing of Environment. 231, 111218.Online





SNR Program Areas

  • Applied Climate and Spatial Science


Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/ 2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/ 2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant TitleUsing Remote Sensing to Quantify Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function
Starting Date09/01/2021


Ending Date04/30/2022
Funding Level$10,000.00
Funding AgencyUNO-NASA


Grant TitleAssessing the Utility of Remote Sensing for Emerald Ash Borer Detection
Starting Date03/10/2020


Ending Date05/10/2020
Funding Level$24,768.00
Funding AgencyCity of Lincoln NE