nannyberry - Caprifoliaceae Viburnum lentago


Common Namenannyberry
iTree CodeVILE

Plant Form

FormShrub: multiple thin stems
Height36 feet
Spread20 feet

Identification Description

Foliageovate with a pointed tip, serrate edge; stem (petiole) with bumpy wings/ridges Leaf Type  Information Icon Simple
Barkbrown/black with slight patchy pattern
Budterminal: 2 non-overlapping scales (valvate) with a rounded base and pointed tip (beak-like) Bud Arrangement Information Icon Opposite
Twigslender, brown; current year slightly hair
Flowersmall white in clusters (flat-top cyme)
Fruitoval drupe, purple when ripe
Fall Colorpurple, red

Site Characteristics

USDA Zones   info for zones pH LevelsSalt Tolerance
Min Min5.0 SoilIntolerant
Max Max7.0 SprayIntolerant

Shade ToleranceDrought ToleranceAllelopathy
Tolerant Low No

Species Status

Nebraska Native Yes Check
U.S. Native Yes Check
Region of OriginUnited States, Canada
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