red maple - Sapindaceae Acer rubrum


Common Namered maple
iTree CodeACRU

Plant Form

FormTree: rounded or oval crown
Height65 feet
Spread30 feet

Identification Description

Foliage3 lobes per leaf (5 possible), each lobe concluding in a point, edges are serrated (irregular), sinuses are relatively shallow and broad Leaf Type  Information Icon Simple
Barksmooth, light gray when young; darker gray, rough and furrowed appearance with thin ridges at maturity
Budred, small (<1/4 inch), rounded, blunt; flower buds: clustered with hairs at tips of scales; overlapping scales (imbricate) Bud Arrangement Information Icon Opposite
Twigsmooth red/brown in current year; then smooth, grey
Floweremerge in spring; yellow/green to red/pink with petals; male and female on same tree (monoecious)
Fruitpaired 'helicopters' (samaras); ripening in spring (similar to silver maple)
Fall Colorred

Site Characteristics

USDA Zones   info for zones pH LevelsSalt Tolerance
Min2a Min4.6 SoilIntolerant
Max9b Max7.3 SprayIntolerant

Shade ToleranceDrought ToleranceAllelopathy
Intermediate Moderate No

Species Status

Nebraska Native
U.S. Native Yes Check
Region of OriginCanada, United States
Previous FamilyAceraceae
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