shingle oak - Fagaceae Quercus imbricaria


Common Nameshingle oak
iTree CodeQUIM

Plant Form

FormTree: pyramidal or oval crown
Height60 feet
Spread40 feet

Identification Description

Foliagelong and narrow (lanceolate or oblong), wavy edge, not lobed, pale green under side slightly hairy (pubescent); can persist in winter (marcescent) Leaf Type  Information Icon Simple
Barkbrown/gray, narrow ridges becoming broader with shallow fissures with age
Budsharply pointed terminal and lateral buds with overlapping scales (imbricate), brown, slightly hairy Bud Arrangement Information Icon Alternate
Twigslender, current year green, smooth with a slight angle
Flowermale and female on the same tree (monoecious)
Fruitacorn on a short stem with thin bowl-like cap covering 1/2 of nut
Fall Coloryellow-brown, brown-red

Site Characteristics

USDA Zones   info for zones pH LevelsSalt Tolerance
Min4a Min4.5 SoilLow
Max8b Max6.0 SprayLow

Shade ToleranceDrought ToleranceAllelopathy
Intolerant Moderate No

Species Status

Nebraska Native
U.S. Native Yes Check
Region of OriginUnited States
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