Bi-directional Reflectance: Grass Canopy Example

The grass canopy data set contains spectral data and imagery collected in 1999. The site is an AMERIFLUX tower site at the Department of Energy ARM-CART region in na native tall grass prairie site (36.93 N; 96.68 W) near Shidler, Oklahoma. The 20km x 20km area surrounding the cultivated wheat site is approximately 85% in tall grass prairie.

The three dates represent different green and brown leaf area index (LAI):

Date BRDF Data Measured at Solar Zenith Angles Total LAI Green LAI Brown LAI
May 7 55,45,35,25 1.4 1.2 0.2
July 13 55,45,35,25.15 3.3 2.5 0.8
August 12 55,45,35,25 4.4 2.9 1.5

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