white oak - Fagaceae Quercus alba


Common Namewhite oak
iTree CodeQUAL

Plant Form

FormTree: spreading rounded crown
Height100 feet
Spread80 feet

Identification Description

Foliagedark green upper, paler underside; multiple uniform lobes (highly variable in size/shape) Leaf Type  Information Icon Simple
Barklight gray, narrow ridges, developing blocky irregular patches with age
Budoval-rounded, light brown to reddish brown, overlapping (imbricate) scales Bud Arrangement Information Icon Alternate
Twigred-brown, then grey and smooth (glabrous)
Flowermale- yellow/color catkins; female- smaller, red on stem; both male and female on the same trees
Fruitacorn with a cap with raised bumpy scales covering the top 1/4,yellow turning brown
Fall Colordark red, brown

Site Characteristics

USDA Zones   info for zones pH LevelsSalt Tolerance
Min2a Min4.5 SoilModerate
Max9a Max6.8 SprayModerate

Shade ToleranceDrought ToleranceAllelopathy
Intermediate Moderate Yes

Species Status

Nebraska Native Yes Check
U.S. Native Yes Check
Region of OriginUnited States, Canada
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