Southeast Kansas Mallard GPS Project

About the Real-time Maps - Please Read

These maps display real-time (updated daily shortly after 6am CT) GPS locations from mallards that are part of our project. Currently, we have five mallards included and plan to add more in the future. The locations shown on the maps are slightly buffered and filtered for security purposes and display capabilities. Maps may be updated to allow for additional buffering during hunting season.

In general, these maps are best viewed on a computer, but they also display on smartphones. The maps are interactive, you may turn layers on and off and click on the icons to display additional information. To view the maps, please click one of the below links. You may have to clear your history and refresh the page daily for the maps to update. If you are using a smartphone, click on Phone Map and if you are using a computer, click on Web Map.

Phone MapWeb Map

If you are interested in naming a future mallard on our maps, please visit Donate to the Southeast Kansas Mallard GPS Project.

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