To be sure you are in compliance with regulatory requirements, refer to the EHS Virtual Manual and EHS Safe Operating Procedures.


A complete personal decontamination will be performed by all site personnel before moving off - site and at the end of each day. When contamination of clothing is suspected, this will consist of:

  • Disposal of outer latex booties (if used)
  • Cleaning of outer gloves (if used) in laboratory-grade detergent wash (gloves will be discarded if too soiled to clean thoroughly)
  • Washing rubber boots in laboratory-grade detergent boot wash
  • Disposal of coveralls (if used)
  • Disposal of surgical gloves (if used)
  • Washing hands in hand wash
  • Washing face and neck in face wash
  • Cleaning and sanitizing respirator (if used)


When equipment contamination is suspected, decontamination consist of removal of external contamination using a wire bristle brush. A rinse with laboratory grade detergent and methonal may also be necessary. Specific decontamination procedures will be addressed in the Field Health and Safety Plan. Special care will be taken that sampling equipment is thoroughly cleaned before moving to the next sampling location.

Disposal of Investigation-Derived Materials

Information concerning the disposal of investigation-derived materials will be presented in the Field Health and Safety Plan or the Sampling and Analysis Plan.

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EHS provides a number of Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) that provide additional and useful information.

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