Climate Change Implications for Nebraska

Seminar for Elected Officials 2016

In April 2016, the Nebraska legislature passed a resolution (LR 455) which established a special committee composed of state senators to examine the impacts of climate change and to determine appropriate actions by the State of Nebraska. The goal of this special committee is to examine issues related to the impacts of climate change on the State of Nebraska and its residents, including assessments of vulnerability, risks, and economic impacts. The committee is also to examine opportunities, including methods of producing food, generating power, or protecting land and water, that can be used to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change and that will provide jobs and economic benefits to Nebraskans. The expected outcome of this study is to lead to the development of a Nebraska Climate Action Plan.

In response to LR 455, the University of Nebraska, in cooperation with Senator Ken Haar's office, organized a 1-day seminar to familiarize senators on the science and implications of climate change on the state. Download Full Agenda

Climate Change and Its Implications for Nebraska

Dr. Donald Wilhite
Professor, Applied Climate Sciences, School of Natural Resources

Sector-Based Roundtable Reports

Eco-systems and Wildlife

Rick Schneider,
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


Dr. Scott Josiah,
Nebraska Forestry Service


Dr. Nick Brozovic,
Daugherty Water for Food Institute


Dr. Eleanor Rogan & Mr. Bruce Grogan,
College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Research Initatives

Climate Modeling

Dr. Clinton Rowe,
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Increasing Climate Resilience and GHG Mitigation on Agricultural Lands

Dr. Michael Wilson,
National Leader for Climate Change, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

University of Nebraska Climate Resources

High Plains Regional Climate Center

Ms. Natalie Umphlett

Nebraska State Climate Office

Dr. Martha Shulski

National Drought Mitigation Center

Ms. Kelly Helm Smith

Nebraska Extension

Dr. Rick Rasby

Daugherty Water for Food Institute

Ms. Molly Nance & Dr. Nick Brozovic

University of Nebraska Research Initiative - Animal Sciences

Dr. Galen Erickson,
Animal Sciences, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Disaster Preparedness in the Era of Climate Change

Mr. Joe Chandler,
Senior Mitigation Planner, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region VII

Faith Communities and Climate Change

Reverend Kimberly Morrow