Individual Test Hole Data

Individual test-holes may be located using several different methods. Select (and Submit) either a county or a natural resources district from the dropdown menu, or use a range of latitude and longitude (enter the latter as a positive number; the negative sign is factored into the search) or township and range values.

Selection method:

Select by County

Select by NRD

Select by Coordinates

Latitude between: o N and o N

Longitude between: o W and o W

Select by Township & Range

Township between: N and N

Rangebetween: and


A listing of available test holes within the selected location will be displayed in the Available Test Holes table. Select either all (Check All) or check individual wells and Add to List. This action will generate the Selected Test Holes table.

Select wells to be viewed using the Check All or check individual wells. View and download the data corresponding to the selected test holes with the View Selected Test Hole Data button. Results include downloadable General Characteristics, Lithology and Stratigraphy test-hole data.

Available Test Holes

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Selected Test Holes

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