Nebraska Statewide Test-hole Database

The Nebraska statewide test-hole database contains information for about 6,000 test holes drilled since 1930 by the Conservation and Survey Division (CSD), School of Natural Resources (SNR), University of Nebraska, and cooperating agencies.

The database includes:

  • test-hole location
  • lithographic descriptions
  • stratigraphic interpretations
  • geophysical log records

CSD/SNR also maintains an extensive collection of geologic samples obtained from the drilling process that are available for examination by appointment. Data is available in several different forms and formats. Users may extract and download the entire database, data from several selected wells, or even data from a single, well. They may also download and examine the data using a GIS shape file, or online using the Nebraska Test-hole Map Interface.

Data Downloads

Download Database

Download the database in MS Access format (updated March 2019).

Click here to download.

GIS Data

Download shapefile

Zip file contains:

  • TH_gen_char.cpg (1 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.dbf (17 MB)
  • TH_gen_char.prj (1 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.sbn (56 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.sbx (5 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.shp (152 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.shp.xml (1 KB)
  • TH_gen_char.shx (44 KB)

Data Retrieval

Select data for specific wells.

Map Interface

Select a test hole via a map interface.
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Borehole Log Sheets

These borehole log sheets are to be used by geologists describing cuttings or cores with the intent of incorporating the descriptions into the Nebraska statewide test-hole database. The borehole logs should be prepared according to the guidelines set forth in the publication "Reference List for Describing Cuttings and Cores of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks in Nebraska - EC 21" which is available through Nebraska Maps and More. All samples, field logs, and geophysical logs should be prepared and delivered according to CSD drilling and field services guidelines.


Although CSD/SNR has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the statewide test-hole database, CSD/SNR does not warrant the accuracy of the data nor does CSD/SNR assume any responsibility or liability for use of the database by any party.