Shana Sundstrom

Shana Sundstrom

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Contact Information

TitlePost-Doctoral Research Associate
Faculty RankPost-Doctoral Research Associate
Address Off Campus
Vancouver WA
  • office: 402-472-0229


Selected Publications

Angeler, D., Fried-Petersen, H. B., Allen, C., Garmestani, A., Twidwell, D., Chuang, W.-C., Donovan, V. M., Eason, T., Roberts, C., Sundstrom, S., Wonkka, C. 2019. Adaptive capacity in ecosystems. Advances in Ecological Research. 60:1-24.Online
Eason, T., Chuang, W.-C., Sundstrom, S., Cabezas, H. 2019. An Information Theory-Based Approach to Assessing Spatial Patterns in Complex Systems. Entropy. 21(2).Online
Sundstrom, S., Allen, C. 2019. The adaptive cycle: More than a metaphor. Ecological Complexity. 39, 100767.Online
Sundstrom, S., Allen, C., Angeler, D. 2019. Scaling and discontinuities in the global economy. Journal of Evolutionary Economics.Online
Allen, C., Angeler, D., Sundstrom, S. (2018). A method to detect discontinuities in census data. Ecology and Evolution, 8, 9614-9623.
Roberts, C., Sundstrom, S., Burnett, J., Twidwell, D., Angeler, D., Allen, C. (2018). Enhancing quantitative approaches for assessing community resilience. Journal of Environmental Management, 213, 353-362.
Roberts, C., Twidwell, D., Burnett, J., Sundstrom, S., Angeler, D., Allen, C. (2018). Early warnings for state transitions. Rangeland Ecology and Management.
Sundstrom, S., Allen, C. (2018). The distribution and role of functional abundance in cross‐scale resilience. Ecology.
Sundstrom, S. M., Eason, T., Nelson, R. J., Angeler, D. G., Barichievy, C., Garmestani, A. S., Graham, N. A. J., Granholm, D., Gunderson, L., Knutson, M., Nash, K. L., Nyström, M., Spanbauer, T., Stow, C. A., Allen, C. (2017). Detecting spatial regimes inOnline
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Nash, K., Allen, C., Barichievy, C., Nystrom, M., Sundstrom, S., Graham, N. (2014). Habitat structure and body size distributions: ecosystem appropriate metrics and methods. Oikos, 123, 971-983.Online
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Sundstrom, S., Allen, C., Barichevy, C. (2012). Species, functional groups and thresholds in ecological resilience. Conservation Biology, 26, 305-314.Online



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