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    Missions align as Platte Basin Timelapse project joins School of Natural Resources

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    PBT Staff
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    Fish & Wildlife major’s artwork draws attention to kingfisher struggles

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    Kingfisher carving
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    With travel restrictions in place, soil comes to Soil Judging Team for this year’s competition

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    Soil Judging Team
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    CALMIT innovates to bring full-spectrum experience to students

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    Teaching CALMIT
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    Faculty Spotlight: Michael Hayes

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    Michael Hayes
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    Drilling for water in Nebraska? New CSD product provides need-to-know data on one website

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    CSD Interacive Map
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    Faculty Spotlight: Martha Shulski

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    Martha Shulski
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    Team detects antibiotics in Nebraska watersheds

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    Nebraska River

We are the School of Natural Resources, where we do science and explore everything. And you will, too, from the moment you arrive on campus.

Here you’ll get plenty of relevant, exciting experiences to help you land a job you’ll love making a difference. You’ll collaborate with fellow students and expert faculty in the classroom and the field, building a network of connections to use throughout your career. You’ll make scientific discoveries both big and small, seek opportunities you didn’t even know existed, and graduate knowing you forged a path at this Big Ten school that sets you apart from the pack.

Become a member of the SNR family.

Explore Your Options

We offer five undergraduate programs in natural resources and the environment, all of which provide you a high-quality education from down-to-earth, engaging professors.

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Graduate Goals

Whether you’re looking for a career boost or a change of pace, start your next chapter in one of our graduate programs.

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What makes us different?

Prairier Class

We have a 1:4 faculty-to-student ratio so your professor actually knows your name and cares about your academic success.

Alison with turtle

We emphasize the importance of undergraduate research and fund projects through our Cabela’s program.

In Niobara River

We know internships make a difference when applying for jobs, so we offer our own to undergraduate students each year.

 Puerto Rico

We offer nine student clubs , six study abroads and nearly 20 field research sites for plenty of resume-building opportunities.

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We’re known for our research, too

Our 80+faculty and seven research centers answer current questions about climate, plants, animals, water and soil around the state, nation and world with a focus on how what they discovered can be used — because if the science isn’t usable, what’s the point? Dive into our research emphasis areas:

Our Latest News

CSD employees earn critical roles in Nebraska Geological Society
CSD employees earn critical roles in Nebraska Geological Society  –  10/8/2020
Pilot system monitors tweets for drought early warning
Pilot system monitors tweets for drought early warning  –  10/8/2020
Climate badge Spatial badge 
Husker’s artwork draws attention to kingfisher struggles
Husker’s artwork draws attention to kingfisher struggles  –  10/6/2020
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