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The School of Natural Resources alumni are as diverse as the natural resources that inspire us, but every day our alumni help us build a better world by giving back to their communities and to our students. You provide our students inspiration when you share your stories; when you contribute to programs and clubs; and when you offer internships or mentorships.

You are the reason our students know the importance of community and why staying connected matters.


Catch up on alumni, faculty and event invitations with our twice-yearly newsletter; share your natural resources career journey with our team; or look for your next career step through our job board.

SNR Alumni: Connor Ossowski owes a lot to his professors

Connor Ossowski owes a lot to his professors' mentorship

02-27-2019  –  Continue the story...

 SNR Alumni: Valerie Schoepfer encourages students to ‘Go with your joy’

Valerie Schoepfer encourages students to ‘Go with your joy’

11-20-2018  –  Continue the story...

 SNR Alumni: Brian Baskerville -  Staying Grounded

Brian Baskerville - Staying Grounded

10-11-2018  –  Continue the story...


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Pay it forward

You can give back to your alma mater in a variety of ways that make a difference and help us achieve our mission to champion the natural world. We are committed to training current and future natural resource and environmental professionals to be critical thinkers prepared to manage, sustain, and renew our natural resources, but we need your help to do it.


Donate Time

Return to our classrooms or club meetings, and share your time and talent through presentations; skills training; or mentorship. Alumni engagement in our students’ education is fundamental to their career success.

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Work with our diverse student population to find your next natural resources volunteer or intern, or partner with our faculty on research projects important to the conservation goals at your agency, nonprofit or business.


Give a gift

Pay it forward with a monetary donation that will help us continue our legacy: training the next generation of natural resource champions by providing them a quality education, financial support, technological advancements.


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