An Integrated Real-Time Groundwater-Level Monitoring Network to support Drought Impact Assessment and Mitigation Program

Researcher(s): Aaron Young, Mark Burbach

With this project, we aim to develop a real-time groundwater-level monitoring network in Nebraska. Providing fast and accurate data helps agricultural decision-makers and other groundwater users better plan for, recognize, deal with, and document multiple-year droughts. To create this network, we are developing and implementing tools that use smart sensors and wireless telecommunication technology to collect and analyze groundwater hydrologic information from over 50 observation wells located across Nebraska. The wells will be chosen for their ability to detect the onset, magnitude and recovery of hydrological drought. The architecture of the proposed framework consists of three main components: data acquisition unit, data transfer unit and data processing unit.

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The project is funded through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency.

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