Environmental restoration initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or contaminated from human activity or natural agents. Students interested in this major will receive a variety of classroom and field experiences to help them develop the skills needed to become environmental scientists.

All students majoring in Environmental Restoration Science will receive a thorough understanding of the soil-water environment, environmental regulations, toxicology, environmental sampling, and restoration techniques.

Because environmental problems are complex, environmental scientist will often work with interdisciplinary teams to find solutions. In fact, many environmental consulting firms and government agencies commonly employ both scientists and engineers to work hand in hand on various restoration projects (soil, surface water, groundwater, and habitat).

Student interest in Environmental Science is also growing! The Environmental Restoration Science program was recently recognized by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources as one of the top five degree programs with the largest percentage of growth.

Students interested in Environmental Restoration Science can choose between the Soil Science or Lake and Stream Restoration Option.

Jasmine Mausbach