SNR Employee Handbook

Benefits in Kind


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs,, 908 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-8120

Family Medical Leave & Certification Forms

Form used to request Family Medical Leave. Complete and submit to supervisor with Family Medical Leave Certification Form. The Certification Form is to be completed by a physician or medical practitioner.

Download Family Medical Leave Form

Download Family Medical Leave Certification Form

Faculty Professional Development Funds

The purpose of the Professional Development Fund is to support the professional development of IANR faculty so that they may effectively and creatively fulfill their responsibilities.

Download Faculty Professional Development Funds Request

Staff Professional Development Funds

The School of Natural Resources makes funds available to staff through the Staff Professional Development Fund. The fund is administered by the SAPDC and the Director's Office. The purpose of this fund is to support the professional development of managerial/professional and office/service/technical staff so that they may fulfill their job responsibilities in effective and innovative ways.

Eligible to Apply: Full-time, regular support staff (managerial/professional and office/service/technical) from the School of Natural Resources are eligible to apply. Temporary employees are not eligible.

Amount and Distribution: Applicants may request up to $250 per state fiscal year. A minimum request of $10 is required. If approved, funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Funds Usage: The use of these funds must relate to the duties of the position or to the employee's goals, which are agreed to by both the employee and their supervisor.

Examples include:

  • Making presentations at professional and society meetings.
  • Attending conferences, professional development workshops, seminars, or meetings.
  • A group workshop, such as training with Outlook, communication skills, Excel, etc.


  1. Individuals will need to have their immediate supervisor's approval. A completed application must include the signature of employee and his/her immediate supervisor(s).
  2. It is recommended that the Staff Professional Development Fund Request application be completed/submitted at least 30 days before the proposed expenditure of funds. The completed application will be turned into the chair of the SAPDC committee.
  3. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Whether funds are available.
    • How well the proposed activity fits into the individual's job duties (as defined by the job description), goals, or professional objectives.
  4. An employee needing funds exceeding $250.00 such as a conference registration may request that part of it be paid from these SAPDC funds. The remaining amount would then be left to be covered by a cost object or other means discussed with the employees supervisor.

NOTE: If the employee pays for an expense personally rather than using a cost object for the expense in which the SAPDC funds were requested, such as a conference registration, he/she must fill out a Non-Travel Employee Expense Voucher in order to be reimbursed.

Download SNR Staff Professional Development Funds Request

Request to Take Classes during Work Hours

Form to take UNL classes during employee's scheduled work hours. Must be approved by the employee's supervisor.

Download Request To Take Class during Work Hours Form