Teaching Resources

If you have additional resources you would like added to this list please send them to Jenny Dauer at jenny.dauer@unl.edu

General Resources

Center for Transformative Teaching Resources

  1. Summer Institute for Online Teaching. https://teaching.unl.edu/summer-institute-online-teaching/ Another session will take place in June. Several SNR faculty participated in this workshop in May.
  2. Additional 1-2 hour workshops will be available in June and July
  3. They are open for consultation
  4. https://teaching.unl.edu/keep-teaching/
  5. https://teaching.unl.edu/flexible-hybrid-model-fall-2020-teaching-and-learning/

General Resources for Online Teaching

How to be a better teacher: advice guide

Chronicle of Higher Education

Useful introduction and a list of do’s and don’ts


Transforming Your Lectures into Online Videos

Advice for reconceptualizing their face-to-face lecture to an effective video-based format

We highly recommend no more than 20-30 minutes of lecture video at a time, and providing students with an active learning exercise for the remaining content.


Humanizing Online Learning


Tools for Online Learning

UNL VidGrid 5 Step Session

VidGrid allows you to record your screen and a video of yourself at the same time, easy to use platform for recording PPT presentations. It is easy to also embed clicker-style or open-ended questions in the video.


Tips for Using Canvas Discussions



A discussion forum set up to be more social and to enhance engagement

Setup Tutorial

Instructor Certification Course

Field Online Learning Resources

Many great crowd-sourced resources for natural resources-related field and lecture courses


Online Tools for Teaching and Learning


Resources for HyFlex Teaching

7 Things you should know about the Hyflex Course Model

A good introduction to HyFlex


10 Tips for Effective Online Discussions


What You Should Know About HyFlex Blended Learning

Another good introduction to HyFlex


How a HyFlex Course Design Makes my Students’ Learning More Effective

A nice model for what worked in one classroom


Resources for Flipped Classrooms

A Guide to the Flipped Classroom” Chronicle of Higher Education

Download Guide

Edutopia compendium of resources on flipped courses

some K-12 oriented but still relevant


Simulations and Virtual Labs

Phet Simulations


NetLogo Simulations


Association for Biology Laboratories


Simulation Biology


Virtual Biology Lab


SERC (Science Education Resource Center) at Carleton College

Lots of resources for applying evidence-based teaching, teaching activities, virtual labs etc.


Field Online Learning Resources

Many great crowd-sourced resources for natural resources-related field and lecture courses.


Quick Videos

1.5 Minute Videos

Larkin Powell

Taking courses online during COVID19? Check out this quick help for restructuring what is left in your course!

Visit the YouTube Channel