SNR Employee Handbook

Course - Student Trip Insurance


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs,, 908 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-8120

Student Trip Insurance provides protection in the event of an accident. All University of Nebraska students are required to have student trip insurance when traveling outside the city of Lincoln. Trips that are inside the city of Lincoln are not required to have Field Trip Insurance but are encouraged to do so.

Students traveling for a course or other University-sponsored trips will have health insurance coverage through UNL. The instructor must apply for UNL Student Trip Insurance, which will require the students to complete a form prior to the trip. This provides students with $2,500 of accidental medical and $30,000 of accidental death coverage.

For injuries or illnesses that are not related to courses of University-sponsored trips, students will need to use their personal health insurance coverage.

Download Student Trip Insurance Request Form