SNR Employee Handbook

Soil Sampling, Analysis and Preparation


Soil Geomorphology Laboratory


  • X-ray diffraction (XRD): powder and clay samples.
  • Particle-size analysis (PSA): hydrometer; laser spectrometry (Coulter Counter).
  • Sample preparation: removal of organic matter, carbonates, iron, etc.
  • pH/conductivity.
  • Magnetic susceptibility: lab probe; field probe.
  • Soil and sediment sampling, core description: truck mounted probe; 1-7/8- to 4-inch cores; up to ~30-foot in depth, depending on water table and sediment characteristics.
  • Soil and site characterization: soil mapping; soil series confirmation; determination of soil taxonomy; landscape evolution.


  • One-time setup fee for sample preparation. Charges for analyses are on a contract basis.