SNR Employee Handbook

Webinar (Zoom)


  • IT Support - Huskertech Help Center,, 17.5 (Basement) FOOD EC 0988, Phone: 402-472-3970

When there is a need to conduct a webinar, this can be setup through UNL's Information Technology Service using Zoom. More information can be found at

Reoccurring Webinars

A single reoccurring webinar can be set up to be used over and over again, for example for a seminar series. This can be done in the Zoom App. Some advantages to this are that a single web url can be used for the entire series, the person who creates the series is the host and if the session is recorded the notification will be to that person. Alternative Host(s) (not "Co-Hosts") can be assigned who can initiate the Zoom session but the final recording will always be sent to the original host.