SNR Employee Handbook

Policy on Incomplete Course Grades and Research/Thesis/Dissertation Hours

Course Grades

Students taking graduate courses should check with their instructor on what their responsibilities are to remove an incomplete. Normally there is no time limit for graduate students to remove an incomplete. However, the instructor does have the option of determining the requirements for completing the course and requisite date for removal of incompletes. It is helpful to have these requirements in writing to ensure there is no miscommunication between the instructor and student.

Additional information about incompletes may be found at

Research/Thesis/Dissertation Hours Grades

Incomplete grades for research, thesis or dissertation hours are no longer assigned. A letter grade may be assigned OR, in lieu of an 'I' (Incomplete), one of the following may be assigned:

  1. IP: (In progress) indicates satisfactory work in progress (i.e., student is making progress or effort as determined by the faculty supervisor). The "IP" would stand until the final examination, at which time a grade of "P" or a letter grade for all dissertation hours is submitted to the Registrar.
  2. XP: (No progress) indicates students are not making adequate progress on their thesis or dissertation work. Consecute "XP" (as determined by the graduate program committee) may result in the graduate committee taking action to inform the student and Graduate Studies regarding continuation of the student's graduate study.

Note that on the final transcript, the "IP" and "XP" grades will count towards attempted hours but for Financial Aid purposes, they will count differently. Both grades will convert to an "I" on the official record if not graded as P (Pass) or with a letter grade. Because the "XP" grade will not be used in calculating the GPA, no direct academic sanction, such as academic dismissal from the University, will be imposed for earning one or more "XP" grades.

Note: if an XP for graduate research, thesis or dissertation hours is earned, please visit with your advisor about completing a course syllabus listing expectation and goals for the upcoming semester (see Rights and Responsibilities/Probation and Termination).