SNR Employee Handbook

Copiers and Copy Codes


  • First Contact - Jacqueline Loomis,, 121a South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Back-up - Lisa Greif,, 101 South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-3679

A copy machine is available for use in the Nebraska Maps & More Store on the 1st Floor Tower Lobby. It does both black and white and color copying. Contact your advisor if you need to make copies related to your work and research. They can provide you with a code to use or request that one be established for your use through the Sales and Events Manager.

SNR utilizes a cost-per-copy program through Copy Services and, following University Service Center Policy, charges only enough to cover expenses. Paper cost is incorporated into the cost-per-copy charge. See the staff at the Nebraska Maps & More Store for copy machine instructions and repair requests. Paper stock is available on a self-serve basis in # 121 Hardin Hall.

If you have a special copy project that requires special paper, you will need to provide that paper yourself.

Copiers are located in the following areas in Hardin Hall.

Hardin Hall Room Copier Location and network identifier
101 1st floor in Nebraska Maps & More (snr-1799 on snr17) (color)
121 1st floor in the mail room (snr-1629 on snr17)
239 Graduate Student Lounge (snr-1747 on snr17)
427 4th Floor of Tower (snr-1621 on snr17)
528 5th Floor of Tower (snr-p2563 on snr-2512) (color)
827 8th Floor of Tower (snr-p2462 on snr17)
923 9th Floor of Tower (snr-1711 on snr17)

Personal copies can be made for $0.03 a side (black and white) and $0.20 a side (color) in the Nebraska Maps & More Store (101 Hardin Hall).