SNR Employee Handbook

Graduate Student - Fellowships and Travel Grants


  • Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, SNR Graduate Programs - Brooke Mott,, 911 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-5355

Natural Resource Sciences Doctoral Graduate Student Conference Travel Funds

The Natural Resource Sciences Doctoral Graduate Student Conference Travel Grant, granted on a competitive basis, allows advanced Natural Resource Sciences Ph.D. students to travel to professional and scholarly meetings to make professional presentation. The request must be submitted and approved in advance of travel.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Registered full-time (9 credit hours) or be eligible to be full-time certified, during the academic year (funding cannot be provided to part-time students or those employed at UNL with an FTE greater than 0.49).
  • In good academic standing in a Natural Resource Sciences Ph.D. program during the semester the travel grant will be used.
  • Be registered for classes or research hours during the semester of travel. If traveling between semesters, he/she must also be registered for the semester following travel.
  • Have earned at least one-half of the credit hours required to complete their intended program of study and have an approved program of study on file in the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Giving first- or single-authored presentations at a conference/meeting of regional, national or international stature.
  • Provide a PDF (scanned) copy of the invitation to present or the acceptance notification.
  • Students may receive only one Travel Grant per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), and may only receive a total of two travel grants over the entire course of their graduate career at UNL.

Grant Disbursement:

Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants must be used to defray lodging, travel and related expenses. Travel Grants will be disbursed to recipients as lump-sum payments processed through UNL Payroll. Recipients who are on UNL's payroll will receive their grants through the payroll system, with tax deductions made as in the normal process for tax withholding. Recipients who are not on UNL's payroll are still responsible for taxes and must declare their grant award in their tax statements.

Download Travel Fund Request Form

Wildwood Trust

The Trust supports travel expenses (up to $500) for SNR graduate students to present their research at professional meetings. Graduate students advised by SNR's Applied Ecology faculty are eligible. Graduate students may receive one travel award during their graduate program.

Please send Mark Pegg a cover letter requesting the funding, a copy of your presentation/poster title and abstract (please indicate if it is accepted), and a very brief budget showing total costs and what is covered by Wildwood.

IANR Funds

Students whose major is within the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources may be eligible to apply for IANR fellowships and travel grants.

More information can be found at: