Safety and Facilities Committee - Operational

Current Membership

Noah Berkowitz (SNR - GSA Representative) - 244 North HARH; EC 0962 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2023]

Dennis Ferraro (Chair) - 415 South HARH; EC 0974 | phone: 402-490-2155 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2020]

Karen Gilbert (Hardin Hall Operations (ex oficio)) - 914 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-8197 | E-mail:

Matt Gruntorad - 301 South HARH; EC 0973 | phone: 402-472-7573 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2021]

Ahaileas (Larry) Harisis (EHS liaison) - 110 W1; EC 0824 | phone: 402-472-8676 | E-mail:

Jeremy Hiller (Lab Safety Coordinator (ex-officio)) - 410 South HARH; EC 0974 | phone: 402-472-2093 | E-mail:

Ayse Kilic - 311 South HARH; EC 0973 | phone: 402-417-2562 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2022]

Jesse Korus - 619 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-7561 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2022]

Jacki Loomis (Event Coordinator (Treasurer / ex-officio)) - 121a South HARH; EC 0961 | phone: 402-472-7550 | E-mail:

Glen Roebke (NSCO Rep) - 154 North HARH; EC 0931 | phone: 402-472-6704 | E-mail:

Christine Steggs (ex-officio) - 908 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-8120 | E-mail:

Membership Criteria

The community engagement committee shall be composed of six elected faculty, three elected staff and one graduate student. representatives. Faculty and staff shall serve staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The chair or his/her designee will (1) serve as the SNR safety liaison to the office of environmental health and safety; and (2) serve on the Chancellor's University Safety Committee (CUSC). The graduate student association will vote on a representative each year. The safety and facilities committee may coordinate SNR’s sustainability efforts through a subcommittee. Director's office will invite Statistics to name a liaison to this committee.


The committee shall:

  • serve in an advisory role to the director on matters relating to safety, facilities, space allocation and utilization, and ecological and natural resources sustainability, which includes the recycling program in HarH, and education program for employees and students, encourage and promote recycling, and other sustainability efforts
  • serve as the point of contact for related planning for SNR
  • propose policies related to the committee’s assignments
  • promote a safe work environment
  • develop and review, as necessary, SNR policies related to the committee’s assignments
  • develop a safety plan for SNR; review it, at minimum, every five years
  • perform an annual assessment of safety within SNR
  • provide an annual report to SNR membership
  • carry out other assignments as requested by the director