Faculty Advisory Committee - Standing

Current Membership

Sophia Becker (SNRGSA Representative) - 248 North HARH; EC 0962 | phone: 402-875-2465 | E-mail: sbecker14@huskers.unl.edu [Term Expires: 2024]

Jenny Dauer (AD for Undergraduate Education (ex-officio)) - 904 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-318-7349 | E-mail: jenny.dauer@unl.edu

Trenton Franz (AD for Research (ex-officio)) - 910 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-8718 | E-mail: tfranz2@unl.edu

Paul Hanson (Environmental Science Rep) - 611 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-7762 | E-mail: phanson2@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2024]

R.M. (Matt) Joeckel (Senior Associate Director/Director of CSD (ex-officio)) - 615 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-7520 | E-mail: rjoeckel3@unl.edu

Warren Pettee (Staff Representative) - 712 South HARH; EC 0997 | phone: 402-472-8885 | E-mail: wpettee2@unl.edu

Larkin Powell (Director of SNR) - 903 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-8368 | E-mail: lpowell3@unl.edu

Dan Snow ( Chair | Environmental Science Rep) - 202 WL; EC 0844 | phone: 402-472-7539 | E-mail: dsnow1@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2025]

Jonathan Spurgeon (Applied Ecology Rep) - 420 South HARH; EC 0984 | phone: 573-291-1009 | E-mail: jspurgeon2@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2026]

Mark Svoboda (Applied Climate and Spatial Science Rep) - 819 South HARH; EC 0988 | phone: 402-472-8238 | E-mail: msvoboda2@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2026]

Judith (Judy) Turk (Member At Large) - 607 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-8024 | E-mail: jturk3@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2026]

Dan Uden (Applied Climate and Spatial Science Rep) - 302 South HARH; EC 0973 | phone: 402-472-4915 | E-mail: duden2@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2026]

Mark Vrtiska (Applied Ecology Rep) - 524 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-472-8146 | E-mail: mvrtiska3@unl.edu [Term Expires: 2026]

Membership Criteria

The faculty advisory committee will be comprised of an odd number of members: each of the program area leaders, program area co-leaders, and one member or more to be elected at-large. At least one faculty member will be nontenure-track. The number of at-large members shall be determined by the director and committee chair. Faculty representatives at-large must have greater than 0.50 FTE of their appointment in SNR. The committee shall have one member from each of the following: staff, graduate students, and centers. The associate directors shall serve as ex officio members.


The faculty advisory committee shall advise the director on SNR budget, facilities, committee nominations, general operation issues, and shall work with the director on matters of concern to faculty, staff, and students. The faculty advisory committee shall meet with the director no less than twice each semester.

Each spring semester, the faculty advisory committee shall identify candidates for the faculty and staff committee ballots. The committee shall seek broad, equitable representation from SNR’s voting members (see section 3). Nominations from the faculty and/or staff at large will be accepted by the committee. Where more than one position is available, paired nominations will be presented where possible to ensure diverse representation on the committee. A simple majority vote (see Bylaws section 7.3) shall be used. In the case of a tie, a runoff election shall be held. If circumstances warrant and with approval from the faculty advisory committee, the director shall appoint members in lieu of a vote.

"Bylaws;" University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources; Adopted 6/1/2023