Graduate Committee - Standing

Current Membership

John Benson - 520 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-472-8012 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Chris Chizinski - 511 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-417-0760 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2025]

Trenton Franz (Associate Director of Research (ex-officio)) - 910 South HARH; EC 0973 | phone: 402-472-8718 | E-mail:

Paul Hanson - 611 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-7762 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2025]

Emma Hazel (Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, SNR Graduate Programs(ex-officio)) - 911 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-5355 | E-mail:

Gwendŵr Meredith - 312 South HARH; EC 0961 | phone: 402-472-3471 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Francisco Munoz-Arriola - 620 South HARH; EC 0997 | phone: 402-472-0850 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Lisa Pennisi (Teaching Coordinator (ex-officio)) - 519 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-413-0915 | E-mail:

Kevin Pope - 423 South HARH; EC 0984 | phone: 402-472-7028 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Dan Snow (Chair) - 202 WL; EC 0844 | phone: 402-472-7539 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2022]

Membership Criteria

The committee shall be composed of seven faculty members and one graduate student. Six members must have their Graduate Faculty home in SNR; one member may be Courtesy, Adjunct, or have a partial appointment in SNR. All faculty members shall serve 3-year staggered terms, and may serve two consecutive terms. The graduate student association will elect a representative to serve on the committee; the graduate student representative shall serve a 1-year term. The graduate student shall participate in discussions on the matters of graduate policy and procedure, but will not be involved in admission decisions, awarding of assistantships, review of graduate student academic performance or progress, and changes in graduate student status. The associate director and teaching coordinator shall serve as ex officio members. The committee shall elect a chair annually.


The committee shall

  • provide oversight for post-baccalaureate degree programs in natural resource sciences
  • approve applications for admission
  • review applications for SNR assistantships when available
  • review graduate student academic performance and progress at the request of the faculty advisor
  • recommend to faculty necessary changes in graduate student status
  • make recommendations pertaining to curricular changes in graduate courses
  • award graduate teaching assistantships
  • suggest and modify graduate degree programs and areas of specialization
  • modify, as needed, the SNR website on graduate student policies and procedures
  • work with the director to identify a graduate student ombudsperson
  •  carry out other assignments as requested by the director

"Bylaws;" University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources; Adopted 11/26/2018