NFS Education Credentialing Committee - Ad Hoc

Current Membership

Steve Jara - 102 FORS; EC 0815 | phone: 402-472-6623 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2019]

Adam Smith - 101D FORS; EC 0815 | phone: 402-472-1276 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2019]

Dave Wedin (Co-Chair) - 413 South HARH; EC 0974 | phone: 402-472-9608 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2019]

Membership Criteria

The seminar committee shall be composed of five to seven faculty elected at-large; members shall serve three-year terms and may succeed themselves

Projected Completion Date

End of Spring Semester 2019

Working Points

To develop a range of collaborations between the School of Natural Resources and the Nebraska Forest Service related to educational credentialing. A couple of starting ideas:

  • Credentialing of red card certifications—and institutionalizing within SNR
  • Fire credentialing for UNL students—fire 2 and 1
  • Short courses with formats that work for both groups
  • What other ways can we work on the teaching side of our program more closely with NFS.

Projected Outcomes

Outcome is an action plan.