SNR Undergraduate Committee - Standing

Current Membership

Lord Ameyaw (Regional and Community Forestry Rep) - 407 South HARH; EC 0974 | phone: 402-472-6697 | E-mail:

Chris Chizinski (Fisheries and Wildlife Rep) - 511 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-417-0760 | E-mail:

Steve Comfort (Environmental Science Rep) - 205 KCR; EC 0915 | phone: 402-472-1502 | E-mail:

Jenny Dauer (Associate Director for Undergraduate Education (ex-officio)) - 904 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-318-7349 | E-mail:

Joe Dauer (Science Literacy Post-Secondary Education Rep) - 516 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-318-7363 | E-mail:

Trenton Franz (Water Science) - 910 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-8718 | E-mail:

Mike Hayes (Applied Climate Science Rep) - 811 South HARH; EC 0988 | phone: 402-472-4271 | E-mail:

Martha Rhoades (At-Large Member) - 102 KCR; EC 0817 | phone: 402-472-1633 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Andy Suyker (At Large Member) - 715 South HARH; EC 0987 | phone: 402-327-1431 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2025]

Mark Vrtiska (Chair, Teaching Coordinator) - 524 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-472-8146 | E-mail:

Sara Winn (Co-Chair, Student Success Coordinator (ex-officio)) - 912 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-0636 | E-mail:

Membership Criteria

The undergraduate committee shall be composed of an odd number of members and shall include the curriculum committee chairs (or designee) for majors administered by SNR, the science literacy coordinator (or designee), the teaching coordinator, and one or two members elected at-large to ensure an odd number. At-large committee members shall be elected for staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The SNR teaching coordinator (or designee) shall serve as the chair of this committee, represent SNR on the CASNR curriculum committee, and coordinate all university level assessments. The associate director for undergraduate education, teaching coordinator, and advising coordinator shall serve as ex officio members of the SNRUC.


The committee approves undergraduate curriculum proposals including course changes, new courses, and new programs. The committee shall foster and facilitate undergraduate teaching within SNR by advising the director on matters pertaining to undergraduate education. This includes assisting the director or their designee in identifying and implementing actions to enhance the physical and institutional infrastructure required to support teaching and offer recommendations to increase recognition of SNR.

"Bylaws;" University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources; Adopted: 6/1/2023