Undergraduate Recruiting - Ad Hoc Committee

Current Membership

Steve Comfort (Environmental Restoration Science Rep) - 205 KCR; EC 0915 | phone: 402-472-1502 | E-mail: scomfort1@unl.edu

Mike Hayes (Applied Climate Science Rep) - 811 South HARH; EC 0988 | phone: 402-472-4271 | E-mail: mhayes2@unl.edu

Mark Pegg (Fisheries and Wildlife Rep) - 402 South HARH; EC 0974 | phone: 402-472-6824 | E-mail: mpegg2@unl.edu

Elyse Watson (Chair) - 512 South HARH; EC 0995 | phone: 402-937-8685 | E-mail: elyse.watson@unl.edu

Activity: 9/11/2018 - 11/27/2018

Key Issues Or Tasks

Created the SNR Recruitment Ad Hoc Committee to assess current recruitment efforts and to look at ways to better use our time and personnel to recruit students into natural resource majors. Included representatives from all current and forming majors, with both faculty and staff members.

2018-2019 Objectives

  • Ambassador outreach
    • Select and train new Science Ambassadors in conjunction with CES Engineering Ambassadors to get into local schools to teach about natural resources (soft recruiting)
  • Updating marketing materials
    • Handouts – create Spanish translated SNR Majors brochure, create Community College Equivalencies for all SNR majors with NE community colleges
    • Website – More stories about what students are doing/current research
  • Targeted groups
    • Create focus group with current students that come from backgrounds such as Non-traditional (military, second career, etc), minorities and underrepresented groups, and community colleges transfers to find out how the learned about our programs so that we can find new avenues to recruit similar individuals