Pabian Acknowledgements

Roger Pabian Originally Compiled the Agate, Fossils and Gems Collections

Roger Pabian, who originally compiled these collections, passed away in December 2010. He was formerly a emeritus professor in the School of Natural Resources and Conservation and Survey Division. Pabian was active until the end of his life in sharing his passion for agates, fossils, gems and other geologic finds. He recommended learning about naturally occurring gems and where to find them as an excellent family activity, and Charles Wooldridge, president of the Lincoln Gem and Mineral Club, noted that he made many friends over several decades by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. Pabian was a charter member of the club, served as president four times, and helped organize and present programs.

Pabian wrote general, technical and peer-reviewed publications throughout his career. Shortly after he retired, the British Museum of Natural History contacted him about co-authoring Agates: Treasures of the Earth, which was published in 2006.

He regularly led tours for groups such as the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, the Geological Society of America, the Nebraska Geological Society, and UNL's Geology Department (now the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences).

Roger Pabian