Community Engagement Committee - Operational

Current Membership

Tonya Bernadt - 822 South HARH; EC 0988 | phone: 402-472-2712 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Mark Burbach - 623 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-8210 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Troy Gilmore - 603 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-470-1741 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Bridget Gross - 102b South HARH; EC 0961 | phone: 402-472-8195 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2026]

Andrew (Andy) Little (Chair) - 306 South HARH; EC 0973 | phone: 402-219-1913 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2025]

Sarah Thorell - 909 South HARH; EC 0989 | phone: 402-472-9873 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2026]

Judith (Judy) Turk - 607 South HARH; EC 0996 | phone: 402-472-8024 | E-mail: [Term Expires: 2024]

Membership Criteria

The community engagement committee shall be composed of six elected faculty and three elected staff representatives. All committee members must have their primary home in SNR. Elected committee members shall serve for staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The director may appoint additional committee members based on job responsibilities or interests. The director shall determine the term length for those appointed to the committee. Volunteer members must be approved by the director.


The community engagement committee shall encourage and promote functions within SNR, including communications and program marketing strategies that links us to the general public. The community engagement committee shall advise the director on matters related to community engagement, annually establish SNR's community engagement priorities in cooperation with the director, encourage recognition of faculty and staff excellence, and consider other assignments at the request of the director.

The School of Natural Resources Community Engagement Committee is accepting requests from any SNR group planning outreach activities in need of help purchasing promotional materials, including copies, flyers and signs. Contact Andy Little with requests at or 402-219-1913.

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